Product Guide for Breast Cancer: Best Chemotherapy Products

Our last product guide was all about the best, physician-recommended, radiation products. This month, I've (virtually) sat down with Dr. Katie Deming once again to discuss all-things chemotherapy! Dr. Deming will be picking her six favorite chemotherapy products and walking you through what they are, how they work, and why you should consider purchasing them for your treatment journey.


1. Hope & Beauty Skin Products


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Hope & Beauty is a company founded on the principles of "making everyday living a little bit better for millions of people all over the world." The company aims to alleviate some of the chemotherapy side effects by creating toxin-free products that ease symptoms involving skin, hair, and nails. The founder, Dr. Shyamali Singhal, has over twenty years of experience as a Surgical Oncologist. She has extensive insight into both the physical and mental impacts radiation and chemotherapy have on a patient. Her products encourage self-care within patients and help patients regain a sense of control or normalcy during this challenging period in their lives. The company is still safely shipping products out to customers despite COVID-19 disruptions.


Why Dr. Deming loves Hope & Beauty:

Using beauty and skin products during chemotherapy can be tricky. The skin is more sensitive and there are certain products that your oncologist may recommend you avoid. I am always looking for safe beauty products that my patients can use throughout treatment. I love Hope & Beauty because everything they make is 100% safe for women undergoing cancer treatment. And their products work really well. If you are looking for a gift to give someone going through chemotherapy, their Chemo Companion Hygiene Box and Manicure Box are both great gift options. 


2. Wildfire Magazine


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Wildfire Magazine is a magazine that is by and for women with breast cancer. The founder, April Stearns, wanted to create a magazine that specifically targeted and shared the stories of young breast cancer survivors and fighters. All contributors to the magazine are diagnosed under 45 years. The magazine is filled with personal stories, experiences, and an assortment of written and visual work from young female breast cancer survivors. What makes this magazine so unique? It's deeply personal and relatable. Everything in this magazine is 100% real and directly from the voices of women who are or have, fought a similar battle. Subscriptions can be purchased as a one-time payment or a monthly payment, and are available as print copies or digitally.


Why Dr. Deming loves Wildfire Magazine:

I love wildfire magazine for so many reasons. This magazine is visually stunning with gorgeous photography (not something you often see in the breast cancer space) and the content is both inspiring and real. Every piece is written by a young woman dealing with breast cancer. The stories are both personal and compelling. I love how Wildfire is written by and for young women with breast cancer. Not only does the magazine help young women with breast cancer feel less alone, but it also provides an excellent outlet for the women writing the stories to process their experience and put their feelings to words. I subscribe to Wildfire myself and look forward to reading each issue.


3. Chetna Singh Scarves


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Chetna Singh scarves are unique, one-of-a-kind silk and cashmere scarves that are digitally printed with original artwork. The founder, Chetna Singh, is an Emergency Medicine physician and started the company in 2013 when she realized that the art she was painting on canvases could be translated into a scarf form to create another unique piece of art. These scarves are meant to bring individualism and confidence to the women wearing them.


Why Dr. Deming loves Chetna Singh scarves:

Chetna Singh Scarves are stunning. Each one is digitally printed from Dr. Singh's art. Although the scarves are not explicitly designed for women with cancer, they are lovely during chemotherapy as a headwrap or as an accessory to stay warm in the infusion chair. These are also a wonderful gift for someone going through chemotherapy. 


4. ShawnG Originals Socks




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The founder of Shawn G Originals, Shawnette' ShawnG" George, is a self-taught designer and oil painter from Brooklyn. Her art is primarily based on conversations she has with her girlfriends about "life, love, and the everyday struggles we go through, but no one else seems to hear or acknowledge." The brand is an ode to female empowerment, as the products focus on demystifying the taboos of the female body and, instead, celebrate them. The brand sells products ranging from t-shirt, jackets, and socks to candles and art prints.


Why Dr. Deming loves Shawn G originals socks:

Shawn G Original 'Boobies Gang' socks are adorable and the perfect accessory to keep your feet warm on chemo days. The socks show breasts of all sizes and shapes, including different surgeries (lumpectomy or mastectomy). Shawnette's grandmother passed away from breast cancer. As a tribute to her grandmother, she creates art that accurately reflects the changes in women's bodies after breast cancer. I love Shawn G's work.


5. Cold Caps



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Cold Cap Therapy is a unique new technology that has been used to help patients save their hair during chemotherapy treatment. The technology has been scientifically backed by studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, and many more peer-reviewed journals. Studies have shown that there exists sufficient evidence of the efficacy of cold cap therapy, which works by constricting the blood vessels that lead to hair follicles so chemo drugs are less able to reach them during treatment. A study published in 2017 showed that in 75% of patients, hair loss during chemotherapy was the most feared side effect of treatment. Learning more about cold caps could be a great way to circumvent some of these fears and alleviate side effects


Why Dr. Deming loves Cold Caps:

Cold caps are a game-changer for hair loss caused by chemotherapy. There were no options to help women with hair loss other than wigs or scarves in the past. Cold Caps cool the scalp during chemotherapy to decrease hair loss. Using a Cold Cap doesn't eliminate hair loss but can reduce it significantly. My patients who used a cold cap during chemotherapy had so little hair loss that I could not tell that they had just finished chemotherapy.

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