Welcome to MAKEMERRY!

 Welcome to MAKEMERRY!



My name is Dr. Katie Deming. I am a radiation oncologist and founder of MAKEMERRY. For years, I watched my patients struggle to find bras that feel soft against their sensitive skin during radiation. After researching fabrics and designs that would work for my patients, I realized that the perfect bra for radiation did not exist. Ultimately I decided to solve the problem for my patients. My little project turned into six years of prototyping, wear testing and ultimately a patented design. Although, I never intended to design clothing. It has become a way for me to care for my patients more fully. 

In the clinic, I strive to provide high quality information that empowers my patients to make the best decisions for their bodies. In this blog, I hope to provide you with the same high quality education. Cancer is scary. It is less scary when you have accurate information and are well versed on your options. I hope you find the content here helpful and wish you the best on your journey! 

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